Forget Password

What happens if I have forgotten my password? In order to successfully reset your password you will be required to remember your Username and RSA Token Authentication Information. If you are having trouble with this information you will be required to contact our 24 hour Customer Care Centre for further assistance: 888-622-3477

. Step 1 – Access Code Generation: You will require an ‘Access Code’ in order to reset your password. To begin, enter your Username along with your sixteen digit Midas Card Number. Your one time, temporary access code will be sent to your email address. Note that this is the email that you would have provided to us. The access code will be valid for a limited time and can only be used once. So, it is therefore important that special attention be given to the instructions contained within the email.
. Step 2 – RSA Security Challenge: On retrieving your temporary access code, return to Online Banking where you may be required to enter your RSA Token Credentials in order to proceed with your password reset. If prompted for this information please enter your four [4] digit Personal Identification Number [PIN] and your six [6] digit token code that is currently being displayed on the screen of your hard or soft token.
. Step 3 – Change Password: Using the temporary ‘Access Code’ you will now be able to create a new password. Enter your Username, TRN and temporary ‘Access Code’. If correct, you will then be prompted to change your password. Next, Type and re-type a new password and select submit to proceed. Successful password creation will see an on screen message being generated advising that your password was successfully updated and for you to “click” to login.
. Step 4 – Login: From the login screen you will be presented with the option for you to enter your User name and password, now login to NCB Personal Online Banking with your newly created password.